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South Florida’s dining scene is no joke — each neighborhood here brims with incredible restaurants from across the culinary spectrum. Amazing Indian spots? Check. Sushi counters and izakayas that will transport you to Japan? Double-check. Latin cafes where the food could rival that of any abuelita? You got it. But every now and then, a few spots manage to rise above the competition with standout dishes we think should be on everyone’s radar. Read on for our picks this month.

Stubborn Seed’s Snickerdoodle Cookies

There’s no such thing as a bad meal at Stubborn Seed. Dishes here are as delicious as they are beautiful, and the hardest part about any visit is choosing between one tantalizing work of art and another (thank goodness for those tasting menus). But this month, we want to shine a light on the restaurant’s snickerdoodle cookies. Baked with brown butter, Valrhona Gianduja chocolate hazelnut, and cinnamon, each bite is literal heaven. 

101 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; 786-460-5962. 

Alloy Bistro’s Black Tagliatelle

In addition to being one of the most romantic spots for date night in the city, our beloved Downtown Miami gem Alloy Bistro wins this month for the most original entree: we’re obsessed with their black tagliatelle, made with activated charcoal dough, fresh aromatic herbs, organic mushrooms, soya sauce, and sesame oil. It’s completely vegan, too.

154 SE 1st Avenue, Miami; 786-773-2742. 

Los Fuegos’s Fish Parrillada

If you’re a seafood lover, you have to try Francis Mallman’s fish parrillada at Los Fuegos. It’ll set you back $160, but don’t worry, it’s well worth the splurge. This beauty comes heaped with branzino, locally caught lobster, snapper, tender octopus, sweet and domino potatoes, aioli, and criolla. 

3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach; 786-655-5600. 

Malibu Farm’s Winter Burrata

Malibu Farm recently introduced a winter menu filled with delicious locally-sourced goodness. One of the best things on it is the winter burrata, served with roasted candy beets, tart pomegranate, green beans, roasted pine nuts, and sweet maple balsamic. Order it as a starter, or share it with your friends while sipping some of Malibu Farm’s signature cocktails. 

4525 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; 786-801-6886.

Bird & Bone’s Hales’ Hot Chicken

If you’re craving some hits-the-spot southern cooking, head to Bird & Bone. Their cheddar and chive biscuits are legendary, but this month we’ve set our sights on their Hales’ Hot Chicken. Served with Miami honey, house mustard, cucumber pickle, and thick country bread, it was named Best Fried Chicken in Miami. ‘Nuff said. 

4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach; 305-424-1234. 

By Amanda Mesa, Contributing Writer

Impressive from start to finish

There’s only one word to describe an experience at Stubborn Seed: magical. The restaurant, which has fed the South of Fifth masses for over two years now, is helmed by Top Chef season 13 winner Jeremy Ford. Ford, who has worked under culinary greats like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is cooking up delicious cuisine that shows why he’s one of the most esteemed chefs in the scene. 

Dinner at the 70ish-seat restaurant is intimate — you’re likely to encounter plenty of couples during your visit, along with a few larger parties. All are welcome, though, as Ford and his team make dishes that are equally innovative and approachable; everyone from food critics to curious diners should leave happy.


At Stubborn Seed, guests have the option of ordering a la carte or choosing from two tasting menus (five courses or eight courses) that promise surprises. That said, we opted to “choose our adventure” with a few — very tasty — recommendations from our helpful server. 

Speaking of service, the staff does not miss a beat; water glasses were constantly refilled before getting too low, and someone was always touching our table and the tables around us; in a city where service can be lacking, that’s a welcome sight.

But back to the food: yowza. Diners were treated to a complimentary round of pumpkin soup, croquettes and oysters to start the meal, plus bread service that included a flavorful garbanzo chili dip. Then the real fun began with items like kombu-charred octopus and warm celery root, two dishes that should be a staple of any meal here. 

The former with its guajillo chili and garlic puree is punchy, making for a memorably yummy bite each time. Meanwhile, the celery root’s presentation will have you salivating before the first bite. Surrounded by crackling maitake mushroom and a creamy mustard, it’s a beauty — and one that tastes as good (if not better) than it looks. 

Also, we need to talk about the lavash. At $8, it’s easily the lowest-priced snack on the menu. Don’t let the price fool you: It’s the restaurant’s sleeper hit. Chicken liver butter and smoked chili jam is really all there is to this flatbread, and that’s all it needs; the amount of flavor packed into this bite is insane. With a price like that, you’d be foolish not to order it. 

Espresso Panna Cotta

Larger plates also dazzle. A juicy Bell & Evans chicken with pomme puree is filling and hits the spot — this is chicken done right. Slow cooked beef cheek with white truffle grits is another highlight that commands its premium; the richness and depth of flavor is unlike anything we’ve encountered. 

Ensuring your meal ends on a sweet note is pastry chef Dallas Wynne’s assortment of treats. If it’s your first time here, order the famous snickerdoodle cookies. They may not sound as exciting as other offerings, but you’ll be singing a different tune fast once you taste the valrhona gianduja. Seasonal delights like honey baked pears and espresso panna cotta help us forget that seasons don’t exist in Miami, and we’re grateful to Wynne for the escape.

All in all, Jeremy Ford and his team have crafted a stellar dining experience from start to finish. The service is impeccable, the food is exceptional (and Instagrammable), and the place is intimate — you feel like part of something special when you’re there. Few restaurants leave you not only feeling satisfied with your meal, but also feeling good. Stubborn Seed is one of them.

101 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 322-5211

By Geoffrey Anderson Jr., a contributing writer


Miami’s cocktail culture is constantly evolving and has touted everything from craft concoctions to personality-driven bars with celeb chef credibility. But despite all the homemade bitters and artisanal shrubs, one thing remains the same: the bigger and more outrageous, the better; and the cocktail world is no exception. So herewith, we bring you the most over-the-top cocktail vessels we’ve seen around town—the perfect specimens to blow up your Instagram (and get you buzzed). Bottoms up!

Pao by Paul Qui {3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; 786.655.5630}

Pao Unicorn
Horn King at Pao by Paul Qui

Pao by Paul Qui’s Unicorn Cocktail glass is used for the “Horn King” cocktail—made with Bacardi 8 Rum, luxardo maraschino cherries, passion fruit, lime, and Hamilton 151 Rum Flaming Shell. It pays homage to the $6 million Damien Hirst golden unicorn statue that lords over the dining room. Pro tip: the cup is meant for the Horn King cocktail, but you can request any drink to be served in this stylish copper glass. Stubborn Seed {101 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; 786.322.5211}

Sweet Liberty {237 20th Street, Suite B, Miami Beach; 305.763.8217}

Industry insiders can always be found at South Beach hangout spot Sweet Liberty where “The Bear Hug,” a concoction made with Barr Hill gin, raw honey, yellow Chartreuse, fresh pressed apple cider, lemon juice, and Prosecco, is presented in a glass gummy bear jar festooned with lemon and fresh mint. It’s the perfectly refreshing and whimsical way to cool down this summer.

Kiki On The River {450 Northwest North River Drive, Miami; 786.502.3243}

Miami River hotspot Kiki on the River takes inspiration from its sea-friendly setting with the “Roman’s Conch,” a  cocktail made for 4-6 people and served inside a ceramic conch shell made with Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, Velvet Falernum, Oloroso Sherry, passion fruit, fresh lime juice, freh grapefruit juice, and bitters ($65).

By Sara Liss, contributing writer