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Issue 51 – Winter 2020


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Indiani siti di incontri online hanno iniziato diventare il più usato matchmaking risorse per i single che non wish le loro famiglie mettendo alcuni più critici scelta di questi pianificazioni. Nel suo divertente e percettivo guida "modern-day Romance: a study, "Aziz Ansari descrive proprio come suo padre trovato

Pourquoi ne pas passer abaisser à entreprise. Dans le cas où vous découvert le bon chemin right here de "Profile artisanat: les choses à faire, "vous avez quelques idées quant à quoi vous devriez être faire afin de craft un puissant de rencontres sur internet (et si vous

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When did you know you wanted to become a pastry chef? What sparked your passion? Brielle: Before I was a pastry chef, I was an artist. Being creative was my passion and I embraced every opportunity to learn to paint, sketch, sculpt, hammer, and even chisel. When I turned 16, I

Miami Beach has long been the place to celebrate New Year's Eve in South Florida. This year, please don't party it up — everyone's safety depends on it. If you don't want to ring in the new year at home, you can still celebrate safely at one of these Miami Beach

In Haiti, the days between Christmas and January 2 (Ancestor's Day) is a prime time for sipping krema, a sort of egg-nog crafted with condensed milk, cinnamon, and strong rum. Every family has its own recipe, but the spirit of choice is usually Rhum Barbancourt. If you're craving something strong,

In Miami, we're blessed with blue skies, sunshine, and warm weather year-round — but if you're craving a taste of summertime in the middle of the festive season, here's the perfect recipe for you. Created by Brielle Fratellone, Fontainebleau Hotel's Executive Pastry Chef, this piña sherbet is the perfect blend of

After temporarily closing, MILA made a grand reentrance in September with a brilliantly revamped food and cocktail menu and plenty more big surprises. We talked to some of the star players of their team about what’s new in the kitchen and behind the bar, their process of reinvention, and what