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Oceanaire Seafood Room

Executive Chef Kareem Anguin of The Oceanaire Seafood Room

I’m continually inspired to incorporate the fresh fruits, vegetables, and ultra-fresh seafood that are available each season in order to provide a variety of distinctive flavors. For example, during the fall I tend to use more pumpkin and a wide variety of mushrooms to create heartier dishes. I’m also excited for the arrival of fresh Florida stone crabs and Alaskan red king crab!


Executive Chef Esteban Garcia Jr. of Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fishmarket 

We have our own fishing boats, so we can fish for the season. We bring in items like lobster, stone crabs, and grouper. Garcia’s relies 100-percent on what our fisherman bring in, so we’re always motivated to create dishes that fit the catch. Sure, we have a few main dishes that are always on the menu—like our Mahi Mahi Sandwich, the Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, and Fish Ceviche—but other than that, our menu changes almost weekly.

District Miami

Executive Chef Horacio Rivadero of The District Miami

My inspiration is derived from three key elements: actual ingredients, my memories, and my Latin American background. Seasons are relative at The District Miami, as the ingredients for our dishes focus on the best of what pan-America has to offer. Some ingredients may be seasonal in one location, but not in others. In other words, we highlight ingredients which are seasonal in each of the regions we showcase at a particular time—North, South, and Central America, and the Caribbean—giving each dish a twist. We combine the best of all ingredients and fuse them in a dish to create an extraordinary culinary journey.

Hosteria Romana

Executive Chef/Owner Marco Efrati of Hosteria Romana

Once a year I go to Trastevere in Rome where I was born and where I spent my childhood. Being there, I am inspired by the flavors of the Old World. I bring that back to Hosteria Romana and, combined with seasonal ingredients, create a fresh new menu many times a year.